Voters Continue To Express Their Concerns Over Building Or The Need To Build A New Airport

kansas city call airport
By Eric L. Wesson Sr.
CALL Staff Writer
About 150 people gathered on Monday, June 5, at the Bruce R. Watkins Cultural center, to share their thoughts and receive information on the future of Kansas City International airport.
Some of those who addressed the City Council’s Infrastructure and Transportation committee spoke about the convenience of the current three terminal system, while others spoke of building a one terminal airport that would be more modern.
Others spoke on the decrease in gates that would result in less competition among other airlines wanting to connect to other flights or land in Kansas City.
A former vendor at KCI told THE CALL that the current three terminal system is not good for small businesses.
“I operated a stand at the airport and eventually went out of business,” he said.
“If you are in the terminal that has Southwest airlines in it there is a great deal of traffic and business owners will make good money. But, if you are in a terminal with Alaskan Air you will struggle because it will be one of the slow or lower traffic terminals. I am definitely in favor of a one terminal airport,” the businessman said.
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