Voters Approve Tax Increases City-Wide


Ka01_KCCALL_0407nsas City, Mo., voters overwhelmingly passed all of the Questions on the April 4, ballot city-wide.

The election day was the 49th anniversary of the assassination of Civil Rights leader, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Mayor Sly James, who campaigned for the Bonds extremely hard, was delighted that voters approved all three bond questions.

City Manager Troy Schulte is delighted that the bonds passed and is already working on getting the shovel-ready projects up and running. “City staff is going to work to start implementing the programs that voters have approved,” City Manager Schulte said.

“We will be efficient and transparent as we start rebuilding our city. Thank you to Kansas City residents for their willingness to do their part to rebuild our City’s infrastructure. Tackling these long deferred maintenance issue will reward our residents with more livable neighborhoods and improved property values,” he said.

“The goal is to submit to PIAC and the City Council by the first week in May a balanced plan for the first $40 million,” the City Manager said.

“We’ll start with shovel ready projects, the backlog of spot sidewalk repairs and the design work and construction needed for the animal shelter.”

According to unofficial numbers listed by the Kansas City Election Board approximately 40,380 people voted, city-wide, out of the city’s 213,824 registered voters or 18.89 percent.

General Obligation bonds or Questions 1, 2 and 3 required a super majority percentage, 57 plus 1 percent, because they dealt with tax increases.

Question 1, centered around purchasing $600 million in bonds to repair roads, bridges and sidewalks.

The measure passed by a margin of 27,302 “Yes” votes to 12,867 “No” votes or 67.97 percent to 32.03 percent.

Question 2, centered around flood control and leverages the city’s $150 million against $550 million the federal government will provide for flood control, especially in the Brush Creek, Town Fork Creek areas and the levies.

This measure passed by a margin of 25,569 “Yes” votes to 14,473 “No” votes or 63.86 percent to 36.14 percent.

Question 3, centered around $50 million in bonds to build a new animal shelter and make repairs on buildings so that they are in compliance with Americans with Disibilities

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