The Battle Over Jackson County Detention Center Continues

By Eric L. Wesson Sr.
CALL Staff Writer
In what appears to be another step in the ongoing feud between the Jackson County Legislature and County Executive Frank White Jr., Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker joined the ranks of the Legislature by submitting a letter to the County Executive declining his invitation to join a task-force that he recently seated to come up with recommendations for the Jackson County jail.
On Monday, Nov. 27, the Jackson County Prosecutor submitted her letter declining the invitation to participate on a task-force to examine many of the issues associated with the County jail.
In part, she sided with the Legislature, in that immediate action is needed to resolve the issues surrounding the County jail and that other task-forces have already stated.
“I am writing to inform you that I am declining your invitation to serve on a new task-force regarding the Jackson County Detention center. The recent brutal assault of a corrections officer has prompted me to re-evaluate my participation,” Ms. Peters Baker said.
“It’s clear that action is required immediately. Community input may be helpful in guiding your staff regarding impacts related to long-term solutions. But action is required now to fix the immediate problems at the jail. The jail expert who advised the County Legislature were very clear earlier this year that the overcrowded conditions and poor staffing  were a crisis that needed to be addressed immediately,” she said.
“They recommended closing a part of the jail until those conditions could be remedied. Spending more time to further study the overcrowded and unsafe conditions at the detention center is simply inappropriate,”  Ms. Peters Baker said.
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