What Can Be Done With The City’s Growing Dangerous Building Problem?

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By Eric L. Wesson Sr.
CALL Staff Writer
KCPT 19 recently aired a controversial documentary, “Our Divided City”  by documentary filmmaker Michael Price which explored blight, race and crime in the urban core which seems to have become second nature.
The documentary was followed by a panel discussion, “Raising Awareness: Crime And Our City” in which panelists and members of the audience attempted to address the issues and offered ideas which could move toward solutions.
The documentary was in the works in 2015 as the City’s murder rate began to increase from a low in 2014 of 81 while 2015 concluded the year with 109 homicides.
Price painted a very vivid picture of  blight and what seems to be the difference in mind set in the area of blight and development east of Troost verses west of Troost as the overwhelming number of dangerous and abandoned building are heavily concentrated east of Troost and many of those properties are owned by the City of Kansas City.



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