More Problems Surface Concerning Kansas City Water Department Bills

4 col water bill

By Eric L. Wesson Sr.
CALL Staff Writer

Tracy B. Kind knew that something was wrong.
He went by the Kansas City Water Services office on 63rd street so many times complaining about not receiving his water bill until they actually had him removed from the premises. Employees at the service center insisted that his water bills were being mailed to his address on 74th and Indiana.
Then one day it all began to make sense.
He received a large envelope from his previous residence in Wilson, North Carolina and in that envelope were six months worth of water bills.
Kind scratched his head in disbelief. Kansas City Water Services had been sending his bill to an old address  in North Carolina.
They demanded, even after he showed them that they caused the error, that he pay his $700 water bill or they were going to shut his water off.
“When I first moved back to Kansas City about four years ago I had a delinquent bill that I had to get resolved before they would turn my water on. When I moved back here I was living on 28th street for about a year. Then, I moved to Raytown for about a year before moving on 74th and Indiana,” Kind said.


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