How ‘Bout Them Royals! World Series Bound!!

MLB: ALCS-Kansas City Royals at Baltimore Orioles

Royals vs. Yankees Alex Gordon_4958 mvp

By Tracy Allen
CALL Staff Writer

After a 29-year drought, the Kansas City Royals are headed to the World Series, which will begin on Tuesday, Oct. 21, here in Kansas City with games 1 and 2.
The series will shift to either St. Louis, Mo. or San Francisco, Cal., for games 3 through 5 and then back to Kansas City for games 6 and 7, if necessary. The Royals are on an eight-game playoff winning streak and if you count the last time they were in the playoffs in 1985 after they beat the St. Louis Cardnals they are on a 11-game playoff winning streak.
On Wednesday, evening after closing out the favored Baltimore Orioles in four straight games and winning by a score of 2 to 1, center fielder Lorenzo Cain, 28, received the American League Championship Series Most Valuable Player award.
Cain’s defense was superb throughout the wild card game, the division series and the American League Championship series.
Cain was responsible for 4 RBIs along with two stolen bases off of 8 hits.
Two of the players that are delighted with the shift from losing seasons to World Series bound are Alex Gordan and Billy Butler.


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