Sisters’ Circle ‘Answering The Call’

Sisters CircleBy Eric L. Wesson Sr.
CALL Staff Writer

August is deemed as Black Philanthropy month, which is currently in its seventh year.
Locally, Kansas City’s up and coming philanthropic group called, Sisters’ Circle, is on the rise only after two years.

This year they presented Awesome Ambitions with a check for about $17,000 to help in the endeavors mentoring school age girls.

According to Dr. Marjorie Williams, the group started a little over a year ago after she read a post by Ms. Pat McDonald that simply read, “What if?”

“The Sisters’ Circle stated in 2016 with the basic question posed by Pat McDonald on Facebook, ‘What if?’. That was just the statement that started the ball rolling,” Dr. Williams said.

“So, I responded back with question marks, because there was nothing after her statement. And then she stated what if we were able to organize a group of women who could come together and raise money to give back to our community? So, I immediately responded, ‘I’m in.’” Dr. Williams said.

So Ms. McDonald, Nicole Jacob Silvey and Ruth Roberson, along with Dr. Williams, formed Sisters’ Circle.

“The four of us got together and we met at a restaurant on Troost and we set out our goals of who we are trying to get the money out to and why and all of the questions that we thought would come up and then we built the group from there including the name,” she said.

“We went back to the old school model when social clubs couldn’t go to the hotels so they hosted events in the homes of the members. So, our first meeting was hosted by Cynthia Wheeler. We had about 100 women attend and we were all over her home. We were in the kitchen and the living room, too. Women parked and walked from several blocks to attend the first meeting. And we had all of the women sign a print of an African American woman to mark the first meeting,” Dr. Williams stated.

For women interested in joining the group and can’t afford the entire $202.50, they can make payments to pay the full amount within a year.

“We want women to be able to join regardless of their financial situation. Even at $20 per month they can join and be a part of the group. They just can’t vote until all of their dues are paid in full. People join because they want to be a part of something,” she said.

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