Ce-Antonyo D. Kennedy Sentenced To 15 Years For Role In 2015 Bay Water Park Murder of 14-Year-Old

alexis-kane-1A Jackson County judge on Wednesday, May 31, sentenced Ce-Antonyo D. Kennedy to 15 years in a Missouri prison for his role in the in the 2015 Bay Water Park murder of 14-year-old Alexis Kane, Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker said.

The jury found Kennedy, 19, guilty of second-degree murder and Armed Criminal Action. The jury recommended 15 years and 10 years, respectively, for those convictions. The judge set those sentences to run concurrently. The prosecutor asked for the jury’s recommended sentences to be set to run consecutively.

Kennedy is the third of three co-defendants who has been convicted in the murder. Issac M. Carter, and Dominic McDaniel earlier pleaded guilty. Carter was sentenced to 10 years in prison for involuntary manslaughter and armed criminal action.

McDaniel was sentenced to 5 years last month for involuntary manslaughter and armed criminal action. He had been charged with first-degree murder and armed criminal action. McDaniel could be released from prison and a free man in just eight months.

According to court records, witnesses saw Alexis get into a white Chrysler with two unknown males. Surveillance video from The Bay Waterpark revealed a similar-looking vehicle stop in the parking lot where the victim was discovered on January 11, 2015 in the early morning. The video captured Alexis being assaulted and shot. Allegedly she had met one of the teens on Facebook.

Family members and community leaders have voiced some concern over the lenient sentences the three teens received.
Ms. Shanaya Kane, Alexis’ aunt, shared her feelings about the sentencing of McDaniel with the news.

“Not a day goes by that I don’t think about her and her beautiful smile. She could light up any room and today she would’ve been 17. It just hurts so bad,” she said.

She said she wept when she heard about the sentencing.

“It was just so hideous and malicious,” Ms. Kane said.

“That is just so hurtful. Yeah, you didn’t pull the trigger, but you were there, you witnessed the crime, you’re just as guilty to me. Plus, you didn’t come forward. You had to be captured. It’s just not right and it’s not fair. I don’t think there was any justice for my niece. The judge, the jury just didn’t care,” Ms. Kane told Fox4 news.

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City Opens Bid Planning Process For New Airport

i_KCI_Airport02By Eric L. Wesson Sr.
CALL Staff Writer

After several community hearings and debate over whether a new airport is needed, City Hall has decided to open a bid process to select a company to put the entire plan together. This is not a plan for the overall construction of a new airport.

A community meeting will be held at the Bruce Watkins Cultural center located at 3700 Blue Parkway on Monday June 5, at 5:30 p.m.

City Manager Troy Schulte opened the solicitation process for qualified companies interested in designing, building and privately financing a single terminal at Kansas City International Airport after grumblings of awarding Burns and McDonnell a no bid contract to build the new facility.

However, Los Angeles-based AECOM, a leading engineering firm in the aviation industry, sent a letter to James, Schulte and Kansas City Council members making its interest in getting involved with the KCI project known.

A second firm’s interest in KCI may have been what prompted City Hall to seek outside alternatives.

“We heard from one firm and we think there may be other firms, and we feel this is the best way to deal with that issue,” Schulte said. “We had an obligation to explore the market.”

City Manager Schulte has directed the Procurement Division to publish a Request for Qualifications/Proposals (RFQ/P) for the KCI Terminal Modernization. The proposal will include the requirements that have been the focal points of recent discussions and will reflect what the airlines agreed to a year ago.

“The winning proposer would still go through the process of developing an Memorandum Of Understanding for Council approval,” Schulte said.

“This RFQ/P requires delivery of all the elements we want in a new terminal – convenient, close parking, better pickup and drop-off lanes, more seating in passenger waiting areas and other conveniences,” he said.

The City will continue to own and operate the airport.

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Gunman Shoots Greeter At Local Church During Sunday Morning Service

By Eric L. Wesson Sr.
CALL Staff Writer
gunmanA greeter at a local church is recovering from a gunshot wound and falling through a glass window after a gunman shot several rounds in a local church on Sunday, May 21.

Montell Bruce, a greeter at the House of Refuge Family Worship center, located at 10816 Hillcrest road, suffered a graze wound to the head and
fell through a plate glass window. The injuries were minor and the greeter was released from an area hospital later that evening.

The shooter, Orlando Gentry, 29, got away, but was later captured and charged with firstdegree assault, armed criminal action, unlawful possession of a weapon, and a misdemeanor charge of unlawful use of a weapon for carrying a loaded firearm into a church.

According to Bruce, the suspect was mad at the pastor for not helping him again financially.

But Bruce said shortly after their church doors opened Sunday morning, he heard some arguing.

“He was actually mad at the pastor. I think he wanted financial help,” Bruce explained.

He said a man who had visited their church before, kept arguing with the church’s pastor and kept demanding money. “He did threaten the pastor. He told him after church, ‘me and you, one-on-one,’” Bruce recalled.

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