Man Charged With The Murder Of Two In South Kansas City

By Efrederick scottric L. Wesson Sr.
CALL Staff Writer

Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker announced this week the filing of two first-degree murder charging and two-armed criminal action charges against Frederick Scott, 23, in the murder of two men in South Kansas City.
Scott was charged in the shooting deaths of John Palmer and Steve Gibbons and armed criminal action.
According to court documents, on August 13, officers were dispatched to 1146 E. 67th street, Kansas City, Jackson County, Missouri, in regard to a medical nature unknown. Upon arrival officers located a white male, later identified as Gibbons, deceased at the scene. The Jackson County Medical Examiner’s office ruled the death a homicide and the cause of death was a single gunshot wound to the back of the head, with a trajectory back to front and slightly downward.
During the investigation, surveillance video was obtained and Gibbons, 57, was observed getting onto a KCATA bus at 75th street and Troost.
A black male wearing a white t-shirt, drop crotch pants, red shoes, and carrying a Brisk Iced Tea bottle, boarded the bus directly behind Gibbons. The black male sat two rows behind Gibbons. Gibbons and the black male had no obvious interaction while on the bus. The KCATA bus drove north on Troost to just north of 67th street, where Gibbons exited the bus out the back side door at approximately 12:01 hours.
Once Gibbons exited the bus, the black male stood up and exited the bus out the front door. Upon exiting the bus another camera recorded Gibbons walking southbound on Troost to 67th street.
Gibbons then, allegedly, turned eastbound onto 67th Street. On the same camera, the black male was recorded looking around when he exited the bus. He then followed Gibbons southbound on Troost, and then eastbound on 67th street. The black male initially kept a large gap between Gibbons and himself. The black male continued to follow Gibbons as he appeared to be closing the gap and getting closer to Gibbons. While he was walking toward Gibbons, the black male was drinking a beverage with a screw top. The camera panned away from Gibbons and the black male just prior to when they would have gotten to the scene of the crime at 1146 E. 67th street.
Approximately 42 seconds later, the black male was recorded running westbound on 67th street from where the homicide occurred. The black male ran south on Troost and then crossed Troost to the west side. He then walked north on Troost and boarded a KCATA bus southbound at 67th street and Troost. The bus then traveled southbound on Troost.


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