Kansas Citians Vote For Progress

By Eric L. Wesson Sr.
CALL Staff Writer

Kansas City voters overwhelmingly decided to tear down Terminal A and build a new single terminal at Kansas City International airport.
The special election generated strong regional interest and about 75 percent of those casting ballots supported the project, which is expected to cost slightly more than $1 billion to complete.

A total of 42,259 of the City’s 215,495 registered voters cast their ballots or 19.6 percent in the overall election.

However, not all voters voted for each Question on the ballot. A total 42,177 voters voted for Question 1, which won by a margin of 32,651 votes in support to 9,526 votes in opposition or 77.41 percent or 22.59 percent.

Mayor Sly James is delighted about the passage of the airport.
“I think it’s really impressive that the people of this City made their statement in such a resounding fashion,” said Mayor James, who has spent the last several months promoting the need for a new terminal to neighborhood groups, business associations and just about anyone else who would listen.

“I’ve said many, many times, KCI is our front door and it ought to be attractive and inviting. Our old front door served us well but it’s time for a new one that’s better and reflective of the 21st century.”