Just ‘A Little Weed’ Can Cause A Lifetime Of Problems

By Attorney Willis Toney Special To THE CALL

As a criminal defense attor- ney I am often asked questions about the reasons that people of color seemed to be involved with the criminal justice sys- tem in what seems like unequal proportions to the rest of the community.

It is not uncommon to hear reasons like, racial pro ling, driving while black, and other reasons that seem to shift the blame from the criminal con- duct to the feet of the police department.

I have practiced law for 35 years. And during that time, I have learned that some police

of cers engage in dirty tactics. That, some police of cers have bad motives for arresting peo- ple of color. That, some police of cers did not believe that individuals had Constitutional rights that the police of cers were violating.