Innocent Man Freed After 23 Years Has Challenges In Front Of Him

By Eric L. Wesson Sr.
CALL Staff Writer

There are several days that will always be etched in Lamonte McIntyre’s memory. His birthday, his mother’s birthday, April 15, 1994 and October 13, 2017

April 15, was the day he was charged in a double homicide in Kansas City, Kas., with two victims he never even knew. He eventually received two-consecutive life sentences for the murders.

On Friday, Oct. 13, after only one day of testimony, a Wyandott County special judge freed McIntyre from the courtroom and the Kansas Department of Correctionsafter testimony and overwhelming evidence supported his attorney’s claim of innocence.

McIntyre had always professed his innocence in the murders of Doniel Quinn and Donald Ewing. The men were shot and killed in broad daylight by a shotgun while sitting in their car on Hutchings Street in Kansas City, Kansas.

McIntyre was with his aunts and cousins in another part of town when the shooting occurred.

The victims’ families were strong supporters of Lamonte, and they have known since the time of trial that Lamonte is innocent. Many leaders and community members have joined Lamonte’s journey toward freedom since the case became public. Investigation revealed that an alleged corrupt police Detective Roger Golubski. and prosecutorial and judicial misconduct all contributed to Lamonte’s unjust conviction.