Family Given Notice To Clean Up The Crime In Front Of Their Home

By Eric L. Wesson Sr.
CALL Staff Writer

The Jackson Couty Prosecutor and members of a neighborhood asscoaition served notice to a family that their criminal activities will no longer be tolerated in the neighborhood on Wednesday afternoon.

Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Barker and members of the Historic Manheim Neighborhood association served notice on a family living in the 4300 block of Forest. According to Ms. Baker, since February 2016, there have been calls of drive-by shootings at the home. The problem the neighbors have is that the residents are allegedly firing back from the home. A total of 210 shots have been fired from the home as verified by the number of shell casings the police have collected.

A shot spotter recorded 120 in one evening from the area associated with the home.

The letter states, “The Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office is committed to working with all of our partners on a federal, state and local level to combat and prevent criminal activity. We have received information that concerns us regarding your property. We are aware that illegal gunfire has occurred at your residence and on your property. We are aware that large and loud crowds of individuals frequently form on and around your property.”

Neighbors complain that large groups of people gather in front of the home and the lot next to the home and there have even been fights in the street in front of the home.

Neighbors say that they hide in closets and sleep on the floors in nearby apartments built as part of a plan by actor Brad Pitt. One neighbor told THE CALL that they never walk by a window in their own apartment and complained that sometimes the homeowners in question close the street completely to have parties.

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