District: ‘We Want Provisional Status’; State Board Says, ‘Not So Fast’


By Tracy Allen
CALL Staff Writer
It has been an ongoing battle for two years now since the Kansas City, Mo., Public Schools learned that it would be unaccredited. When will it regain at least provisional accreditation?
That has been the struggle that KCPS administrators have endured since the 17,000 student district became unaccredited in January 2012. But according to the Missouri State Board of Education, the District’s desire to become at least provisionally accredited for the upcoming school year beginnning August 11, won’t be anytime soon.
The State Board issued a statement Tuesday saying that while there has been improvement within the KCPS, the need to grant immediate provisional accreditation is still a ways off. What KCPS administrators now must hope for is that the returning student enrollment doesn’t take a greater hit as students are now given a chance to transfer to neighborhing schools, although the KCPS will be on the hook for possible transportation fees.
The State Board of Education chose not to make a decision on the KCPS accreditation status because in its statement,


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