Highway Shooter Charged; Motorists Breathe Sigh Of Relief

3 col shooter

By Eric L. Wesson
CALL Staff Writer

On Friday, April 18, the Jackson County Prosecutor’s Office filed charges against a man who Police believe is the person responsible for actions in which several people were injured as the result of gunshots. About 20 motorists reported bullet holes in their vehicles from March 8 and April 6.
Mohammed P. Whitaker, 27, was charged with 18 counts which include nine counts of discharging a weapon from a motor vehicle at a moving vehicle, to shooting at a person or another motor vehicle or building, habitable structure, for the purpose of causing physical injury or death. His charges also include nine counts of armed criminal action.
Motorists who travel 71 Highway and I-435 and the Three Trails Crossing, better known as the Grandview Triangle, have expressed a sigh of relief now that the suspect is behind bars and charged.
CALL readers, Linda and Marvin Harrison, are among those who were relieved.
“As we stated before, we live in Belton and travel 71 Highway to work every morning,” Harrison.
“Since the shootings had been reported we would exit before the Triangle at Red Bridge and then go over to Stateline and take it to the Plaza where we both work. It would take longer  to get to work, but my wife was very paranoid about go through the Triangle,” Harrison  said.
“I was very relieved when the police announced they had a suspect in custody. And by everything that has been reported I hope that he is the right person. I just wonder what was going through his mind to have him do such a thing. That was just so dangerous. I am just glad that no one died as a result,” Mrs. Harrison said.

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