Blue Hills To Lead Charge For Development On Prospect

4 col erica brice

By Eric L. Wesson Sr. CALL Staff Writer

The Blue Hills Community Services corporation has been given the nod to develop a housing analysis and real es- tate development implementa- tion plan for the Prospect cor- ridor.

There was some controver- sy in the beginning as people felt that Blue Hills Commu- nity Services, under the new leadership of Ms. Erika Brice, executive director, and new Board Chairwoman, Ms. Nia Richardson, would not be suc- cessful citing Ms. Brice’s lack of experience.

To the contrary, Ms. Brice resume’ and experience in- dicates that she is extremely quali ed, according to Ms. Richardson.

“If I thought that this was

a sinking ship or that Erika couldn’t do this job then I wouldn’t be here. Others be- fore us may have felt that this is a sinking ship, that’s why they jumped ship, but I saw a huge opportunity with Blue Hills,” Ms. Richardson said.

“Not really knowing how I would step into the leadership position and then all of a sud- den people started leaving and going in all different directions I started having conversations with people and telling them that not all transitions are bad. Transition can be good it you do it right,” Ms. Richardson said.

“We wanted to take advan- tage of this opportunity and do more and start looking be- yond charity. The community will never change unless we change the mentality and start making people believe that

they can achieve at a different level. We shouldn’t be talking about the same things 20 years from now or even 10 years from now. We want things to happen in our community as fast as things have happened on the west side or downtown. I am really scared and want to stop what would potentially be the gentri cation of our com- munity,” she said.