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President Obama Fights For Middle Class, Promises Vetos In Fiery State Of The Union

President Obama Delivers State Of The Union Address

WASHINGTON (AP) — Refusing to bend to the new Republican Congress, President Barack Obama unveiled Tuesday night an ambitious State of the Union agenda steeped in Democratic priorities, including tax increases on the wealthy, education and child care help for the middle class and a torrent of veto threats for the GOP’s own plans.

In a shift from tradition, President Obama’s address to a joint session of Congress was less a laundry list of new proposals and more an attempt to sell a story of a national economy emerging from the “shadow of crisis.” He appealed for “better politics” in Washington and pledged to work with Republicans, but he showed few signs of curtailing or tweaking his own plans to meet the GOP’s platform.
Instead, the president vowed to use his veto pen to strike down the Republican leadership’s efforts to dismantle his signature accomplishments, including his health care and financial reform laws.
“We can’t put the security of families at risk by taking away their health insurance or unraveling the new rules on Wall Street or refighting past battles on immigration when we’ve got a system to fix,” Obama said in his hour-long address. “And if a bill comes to my desk that tries to do any of these things, I will veto it.”
The president sought out more common ground on foreign policy, pledging to work with Congress on a new authorization for military action against the Islamic State group in Iraq and Syria, as well as legislation to guard against cyberattacks. In a rare move away from his own party, Obama also renewed his call for fast-tracking free trade agreements with Asia and Europe, generating more applause from pro-trade Republicans than skeptical Democrats.

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Befitting Tribute To Area Civil Rights Legend

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By Eric L. Wesson Sr.
CALL Staff Writer
Approximately 1,200 people gathered at the St. James United Methodist church on Saturday, Jan. 17, for the funeral services for Dr. Nelson “Fuzzy” Thompson, 70, who died on Sunday, Jan. 11.
The funeral began with a congregational song, “What A Friend we Have In Jesus” followed by prayer by Rev. C.L. Bachus.
Old Testament scripture was   taken from Isaiah 61:1-3 and read by Rev. Kenneth Ray.
New Testament scripture was taken from Luke 4:14-20 and was read by Rev. John Modest Miles.
Soul sturring music was provided by by the St. James Sancutary choir and the Souther Christian Leadership Conference choir who many members began singing in the choir when it was the SCLC youth choir.
Ms. Arlana J. Coleman read condolences and acknowledgements,
Comments about Dr. Thompson and their individual experiences with him and what he did for the community and nation as a whole were given by Dr. Sam Mann, Bishop James Tindall, Mrs. Judy Hellman, Councilwoman Melba Curls, Herman Brady Watson, Alexander P. Ellison, Dr. Wallace Hartsfield Sr., Monte Owens, Rebecca Gilmore, Rev. Joyce Scott, Rev. Desmond lamb and Mrs. LaDora Lattimore.


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