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Area Businessman Is Just Plain ‘Thankful’

3 col Triple 7

By Eric L. Wesson Sr.
CALL Staff Writer

Marcus Williams Sr., 41, will sit at the Thanksgiving table on Thursday with his wife of 17 years, Cheryl, his children Za’Neeta, 23; Shanice, 22; Marcus Jr., 21; KammRon, 19; Joshua, 18 and simply count his many blessings which includes his construction company, Triple 777 Construction, which he has owned for nine years.
Williams is truly thankful to God for the opportunity to help people.
“I feel that God is using me as an instrument to help others and be about my Father’s business,” Williams said.
“Triple 777 stands for completion as it relates to the number 7. The three 7s represents the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. When you see the business you see me, but there are three others that make the business possible. I am just the instrument that God uses,” he said.
“There are several people that I am thankful that God put into my life as well as some great employees. I have the best employees on the planet. My wife Cheryl was there in the beginning. We ate noodles everyday sometimes three times a day and occasionally we would switch and add some peanut butter,” laughed Williams. “There were times when we even switched out wearing the same clothes. She would wear a shirt then I would wash it and wear it the next day,” he said.
“Then there is Billy Gilreath, owner of Total Construction, company who drove me around and really taught me the business. Donna Stewart, CALL publisher, was also an important mentor in my journey. She taught me how to present myself in a professional manner,” Williams said.
“When I first started out I set a goal to outwork everyone on the construction site with me. If someone said, ‘I need that piece over there’, I would literally run over and get it because I had a wife and five kids to feed. Then, I got the opportunity to be the lead man on a crew. I remember that I would go into the Johnny on the Spot and pray for God to give me the wisdom to run this crew,” Williams stated.

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Affordable Care Act Heads Into Second Enrollment Period


WASHINGTON (AP) — As a crucial second sign-up season gears up, the Obama administration said Sunday that is stable and working well, a far cry from last year’s frozen computer screens and frustrated customers.
Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia M. Burwell said she expects “strong and healthy growth” for 2015. About 7 million people are signed up, and Burwell expects to grow that by 2 million more or so.
The Congressional Budget Office has projected a total of 13 million enrolled for 2015, and some see the administration as trying to lower expectations.
Ms. Burwell told NBC’s “Meet the Press” that 100,000 people had submitted new applications this weekend via the federal website serving 37 states. That’s a big difference from last year, when only a handful of customers managed to enroll on the first day.
Ms. Burwell also said that a half-million people who already have coverage through the program were able to log into their accounts this time.
There were reports Saturday that returning customers had problems, and it appeared some of that may have been confusion trying to remember user names and passwords. Administration spokesman Aaron Albright said Sunday he had not seen any indication that the website was the cause.


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