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Lena Horne Honored With Forever Stamp

It’s Black History Month, and the United States Postal Service has decided to mark the occasion by giving Lena Horne her own stamp.
Good move, USPS.
The unveiling was held Tuesday, Jan. 30, at the Peter Norton Symphony Space in New York City.
“Today, we honor the 70-year career of a true American legend,” said Deputy Postmaster General Ronald Stroman according to a press release by the postal service. “With this Forever stamp, the Postal Service celebrates a woman who used her platform as a renowned entertainer to become a prolific voice for Civil Rights advancement and gender equality.”
Miss Horne’s daughter, Gail Lumet Buckley, was there for the unveiling of the stamp, along with photographer Christian Steiner and Amy Niles, who is the president and chief executive officer, WBGO Radio.
Born June 30, 1917, Miss Horne started out dancing at the Cotton Club in Harlem before she started touring as a vocalist. But she saw so much discrimination on her tours that she ultimately decided to instead move to Hollywood, where she signed on with MGM Studios under the condition that they never offer her the stereotypical black women roles.
She continued to become a voice for the voiceless, entertaining the troops during World War II and then speaking out on behalf of Japanese Americans who were being discriminated against. She fought for legislation against lynching and lent her voice to rallies during the Civil Rights movement, ultimately marching with others in 1963 in the famous March on Washington.
Miss Horne’s legacy is as much one of music and performance as it is one of civil rights activism. She earned three Grammy Awards and one Tony award.
She also was honored with the NAACP Spingarn Medal and became a Kennedy Center Honors recipient in 1984. Visitors to the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site can also see her name among those listed on the International Civil Rights Walk of Fame.

Super Bowl Sunday — Super Bowl Trivia

By Eric L. Wesson Sr.
CALL Staff Writer
On Sunday, Feb. 4, millions of Americans  will be tuned in watching Super Bowl LII (52) which will feature the defending champion New England Patriots versus the Philadelphia Eagles.
The Super Bowl is the highest grossing sports event brand in the world. This year’s Super Bowl is expected to generate $640 million. The previous record for revenue from a one-day sporting event was the Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao fight last year, which generated $600 million in revenue.
Players on the winning side will make about $107,000 each whether they step on the field or not. The losers will receive about $53,000 each. The players on the winning team can earn about $165,000 through the entire playoffs.
Last year’s Super Bowl ring cost $5.5 million or an estimated $36,500 each, making the New England Patriots rings the most expensive Jostens had ever made for an NFL team. The ring contains 283 diamonds to symbolize their 28-3 comeback in their victory over the Atlanta Falcons.
The NFL awards the team $5,000 each for up to 150 rings for coaches, players, trainers, executives, personnel, and general staff. Office staff and wives may get replica rings and pendants.
Since only one Vince Lombardi Trophy is awarded to the team’s ownership, the Super Bowl ring is a collectable memento for the actual players and team members to keep for themselves to symbolise their victory.
When the Green Bay Packers purchased their first Super Bowl rings in 1967, each ring  cost under $5,000 each, gold was $34 ounce back then and their ring contained one diamond.
The 2005 New England Patriots rings cost $15,000 each when the price of gold was $1,900 per ounce and contained 124 diamonds surpassing the Green Bay Packers’ Super Bowl ring which contained 100 diamonds.
How Did The Super Bowl Get Its Name?
Chiefs’ owner Lamar Hunt coined the phase after a very popular toy called the “Super Ball” after watching his children play with the Wham-o ball that many of us remember from childhood.
One popular story about Hunt’s role in naming the game took root from the fact that the “Super Bowl” did not formally become the “Super Bowl” until after it had been played three times.
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KCI MOU To Go Back To Full Council

The Airport Committee heard Ordinance 180058, which would authorize the City Manager to execute a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Edgemoor Infrastructure & Real Estate for the Kansas City International Airport terminal modernization project.
The committee voted “do pass,” and the ordinance now heads to the full City Council during its Legislative Session next week, at 3 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 8.
During the meeting, Airport committee members also heard a report by the City’s legal counsel, as well as reviewed a Committee Substitute for Ordinance 180058 with several updated items related to an Out-of-Pocket Agreement for certain costs and expenditures.
In addition, several public comments were shared with committee members, including those provided by the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce, minority- and women-owned businesses, and other community members.
“No matter the final tally of the numbers and what we say the time of toil is worth, we are bankrupt unless our final hours of this process are drenched in good faith and honest intention. Only then will we the win the day as public servants working to uphold the public trust,” City Councilman Jermaine Reed, said.
On Tuesday Jan. 30, the City Council met as a Committee of the Whole to hear in-depth presentations from the City legal team and to engage in discussion about the status of the negotiations and all material concerns involving the MOU.
There was a comprehensive review of requests by City Councilmembers, which the City Attorney, outside legal counsel, the Aviation department and Edgemoor have worked extensively to resolve.

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