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Has Kansas City Really Become A War Zone?

russell-cedric-1497893952By Eric L. Wesson Sr.
CALL Staff Writer

So far this year the City has recorded 67 homicides which is 20 more than at this same time last year. Experts in crime say that we should buckle our our seatbelts because there are more to come.

At this time last year there were 47 homicides, but this year is a great deal different.

According to FBI Uniform Crime statistics, since 1980, more than 260,000 black men have been killed in America.

By contrast, roughly 58,000 Americans died in Vietnam. In New Orleans, about 6,000 African American men have been murdered since 1980. The killers of these men were, in the vast majority of cases, other African American men. In New Orleans, 80 percent of murder victims are believed to have known their killer.

According to Ms. Glenda Jam, formerly with the Centers of Disease Control, mental health and few income opportunities are at the center of many of the “so-called black-on-black” homicides.

“Until someone steps up and declares that these two problems are at the core of the up swing in homicides in urban cities, we will continue to have this on going problem,” she said.

“Young black males need to be employable and they need to learn how to resolve conflicts. If they see violent acts of retaliation in the home and


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Local Man Drowns On Father’s Day Outing

cowboyBy Eric L. Wesson Sr.
CALL Staff Writer

Preston Henderson, better known as “Cowboy P”, drowned at a Father’s Day outing at Lake Jacomo on Sunday, June 18.

It was around 5:15 Sunday afternoon, June 18. They were on a rental boat in a cove on the east side of the lake which was rented by Andre’ McClain.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol’s water division used their sonar system, Lee’s Summit Underwater Rescue and Kansas City had its helicopter out searching for the Cowboy P.

They were eventually able to use cell phone video family members had taken throughout the day to help pinpoint where they were when he jumped in. His body was found after 11 p.m., about 200 yards north of the bluffs.

Cowboy P is described by family and friends, including CALL photographer Rexx Purefoy as a kind-hearted man who loved life and animals, especially horses.

“I knew Cowboy P 15 to 20 years,” Purefoy said.

“He was a fun-loving guy who made people feel warm and welcomed. He had been riding and breaking horses as long as I could remember. He and Andre’ would ride horses that I wouldn’t even ride,” he said.

“He was a great guy,” Purefoy stated.

According to Robert Carter,

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Kansas City Man Released From Prison After 17 Years In Prison When His Lookalike Was Found

Richard and rickyKANSAS CITY, KS. (AP) — A Kansas City man was released after serving 17 years in jail for a robbery he didn’t commit when a man, who looked so much like him they could be twins, was finally discovered and brought to the court’s attention.

Richard Anthony Jones was convicted of a Roeland Park robbery committed in 1999, but since the first day he was arrested, Jones claimed he was innocent of the crime. While serving time in prison, he began hearing from other prisoners that he bore a striking resemblance to another known criminal.

After years of pleading his case, Jones, who was convicted solely on eyewitness testimony, finally received help from the Innocence Project who believed him enough to begin looking into the claim of a doppelganger who may have been the real culprit, the Kansas City Star reported.

Jones’s lawyers investigated the prisoner’s story and believed they found the man everyone said looked so much like their client that they could pass as the same person.

“We were floored by how much they looked alike,” said Jones’s attorney Alice Craig of seeing the other man who some believe committed the crime instead of Jones.

The legal team then contacted the victim from the robbery to look at photos of the two men side-by-side. Photos of the two men show each with braided hair and a pencil-thin goatee. The two look so similar that they could easily be mistaken as two photos of the same man.

The victim agreed that she could not tell the two men apart and could now not be sure of her 17-year-old testimony.

Jones was arrested in 1999 after the victim picked him out of a police photo database. But Jones’s lawyers maintain that the police acted in a “highly suggestive” manner because Jones was the only suspect in the photo group shown to the victim who looked anything like the description the victim gave.

Ultimately, Johnson County District Judge Kevin Moriarty ordered Jones’s release based on the new evidence.

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