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Unrest Hits Baltimore; Leaders Unite To Calm City Down

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By Eric L. Wesson Sr.
CALL Staff Writer

On Monday, April 27, the world watched one of the nation’s largest cities in total chaos a few hours after the nation’s first African American woman was sworn-in as Attorney General and  the 25 year-old, Gray, an African American man, was laid to rest after being apprehended by Baltimore Police after a brief chase. His death is one of the contributing factors that created the destruction that millions of Americans witnessed on Monday evening.
What is known is that Freddie Gray was arrested on Sunday, April 12, after running from Police. He was arrested without use of force.
Reports on the incidents in Baltimore, Md., change daily.
Late Wednesday, Police released information that stated that another prisoner was in the   police van and heard Freddie Gray banging around in what he believed was an attempt to hurt himself. Those claims and allegations have been dismissed by the community since most reports reflect that Gray was screaming and was more than likely already injured when he was placed in the van.
Also the banging around may have been him being in severe pain when he was finally placed in the van. Video does not reflect that he was “irate” as the prisoner in the van suggested.
On Thursday it was learned that the police van stopped four times before reaching the police station.
Police also turned over the report of their investigation to state attorney Marilyn Mosby, an African American woman, for review to see if any of the six officers involved in the matter will be charged in connection to Gray’s death.
Video tape shows  Gray struggling to walk after being handcuffed by Police and placed into a police wagon. But, according to Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake he used his legs to step into the van, “so he was able-bodied when he was in the van. And we know that when he was finally taken out of the van, he was unresponsive.”
Gray  arrived at the Police station 40 minutes later and was unable to breathe or talk or walk, according to reports.
Gray died Sunday, April 19,  from spinal injuries due in part to a delay by authorities to give him proper medical attention.



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