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Mayor James Puts Plans For New Airport Terminal On Hold After Poll Results

fter spending about $8 mil- lion in consultant fees and de- bating over renovations were the best route or building a new single terminal for Kan- sas City’s airport was the best route, Mayor Sly James an- nounced Tuesday, May 3, that the entire plan has been placed on hold.

Mayor James announced that there will be no public vote in August after a recent poll reveiled that less than 40 percent of voters polled sup- ported a new terminal.

The airlines had promised that they would pay for the majority of the new airport and asked that the Council put the bond issue before voters in August. The balance would have been paid for by the air- port itself.

However, some City Coun- cilmembers were skeptical as to what was the cheapest route and what would serve travelers better, renovations or a new terminal.

“It’s clear that the city is not ready to move on or to move forward with the KCI conver- sation at this point,” James said at a news conference. “In fact, less than 40 percent be-

lieve that it is a good idea to move forward with a new ter- minal with the airlines paying for it along with the airport at this time,” he said.

“Voters will not be asked to approve anything related to the airport in 2016,” Mayor James stated.

According to some data, only about 20 percent of Kan- sas Citians actually use the air- port and those who supported the new airport wonder who many of the 800 people peti- tioned actually use the airport?

Over the past three years a number of meetings and pre- senatations have taken place surrounding the airport and whether or not there was a need for a new single termi- nal airport with all of the new amenities and technology up- grades as many of the big city airports.

Grand Opening Set For Streetcar May 6 And 7

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The City of Kansas City, Mo. and the Kansas City Streetcar Authority invite the public to celebrate the start of KC Street- car operations next week-end.

The public celebration starts at 10 a.m. Friday, May 6, out- side of Union Station with a grand opening ceremony fea- turing Kansas City Mayor Sly James, Federal Transit Ad- ministration members, Kansas City Streetcar Authority Chair- man Mike Hagedorn and other local dignitaries and elected of cials.

The ceremony will be fol- lowed by an inaugural rst ride for those dignitaries and the opening of public streetcar service and community-wide parties and activities.

Mayor Sly James said the grand opening of the KC Streetcar is more than a cele- bration of a new transit option for Kansas Citians.

“This is the rst step of what I believe will be a truly historic transformation of

the entire city,” James said. “Building owners and devel- opers have completed, started or announced more than $1.7 billion in construction in the downtown KC Streetcar dis- trict since the route was an- nounced. I’m con dent the entire city will nd new mo- mentum as the KC Streetcar energizes the heart of our com- munity.”

$27 Million Plans For 18th And Vine Unveiled

City Manager Troy Schulte, 3rd District Councilman Jer- maine Reed and members of the City Council presented a phased improvements plan for Kansas City’s historic 18th and Vine district. The improve- ments plan highlights district revitalization projects that will be funded through potential bond proceeds, philanthropic and private donations, grant funding and various tax incen- tives.

“This proposal focuses on developing public-private part- nerships that are needed to sustain growth and develop- ment at 18th & Vine,” said City

Manager Troy Schulte. “I ap- preciate the detailed analysis by City Planning staff to help guide this innovative propos- al.”

The plan proposes a City bond-funding commitment of $27,637,162, which leverages a minimum private investment at $12,150,000 or 43.9%. Private investment will increase or- ganically as commercial proj- ects are solidi ed and through the attraction of private devel- opers. Additionally, all avail- able federal, state and local in- centives will be made available to maximize the return on the city’s investment.