3-Year-Old Marcus Haislip III Shot And Killed

Marcus Haislip

By Eric L. Wesson Sr.
CALL Staff Writer
The family of 3-year-old Marcus Haislip III, is preparing to bury him rather than preparing to watch him graduate from day care to pre-school classes.

Marcus was shot and killed on Friday, May 12, as his family traveled in the area of 54th and Park.

According to reports a suspect opened fire on their vehicle. The suspect, who was on foot at the time, is described as a black male wearing a red hoodie and gray shorts. The victims were all related. Marcus’ father was driving the vehicle and his uncle, Marcus’ great-uncle, was in the front passenger’s seat.

The father rushed to Research Medical center where Marcus was later pronounced dead.

The father was shot in his upper body and the uncle was shot in the foot. Marcus was shot in the neck, head and shoulder, according to reports.

Police are looking for clues and other information in the toddler’s death.

Gun violence in the 50s area has always been a problem.

In August 23, 2013, Myeisha J. Turner and her 3-year-old daughter, Damiah White, were found shot to death in their home.

During Rashwn Long’s sentencing hearing allegations surfaced connecting Long, 35, to those murders, but he has never been formally charged or convicted for the crimes of murder.

Long is serving a 30 year sentence in the federal bureau of prisons for possession of a controlled substance.

In another shooting incident, most recently, in the area of 5300 Garfield, a mother reports that someone shot up their home over the possibility that someone stole their cellphone that was living in that home. There were four children inside of that home and three adults. Luckily, no one was shot or killed.

Marcus’ grandmother and mother were getting their nails done at the time Marcus was shot. Marcus, his father and uncle were on their way to a gaming center when he was killed. People throughout the community are stunned over the shooting.

“That little boy never had a chance in life,” one neighbor said.

“He was an innocent bystander in a situation that he did not have anything to do with. No one just walks up to a car and just starts shooting. And that poor sweet innocent baby paid the price for someone else,” she said.

“I just hope the police and prosecutors find the shooter so that at least justice can be served.”

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