$27 Million Plans For 18th And Vine Unveiled

City Manager Troy Schulte, 3rd District Councilman Jer- maine Reed and members of the City Council presented a phased improvements plan for Kansas City’s historic 18th and Vine district. The improve- ments plan highlights district revitalization projects that will be funded through potential bond proceeds, philanthropic and private donations, grant funding and various tax incen- tives.

“This proposal focuses on developing public-private part- nerships that are needed to sustain growth and develop- ment at 18th & Vine,” said City

Manager Troy Schulte. “I ap- preciate the detailed analysis by City Planning staff to help guide this innovative propos- al.”

The plan proposes a City bond-funding commitment of $27,637,162, which leverages a minimum private investment at $12,150,000 or 43.9%. Private investment will increase or- ganically as commercial proj- ects are solidi ed and through the attraction of private devel- opers. Additionally, all avail- able federal, state and local in- centives will be made available to maximize the return on the city’s investment.