18th And Vine Improvement Plan Hits One-Year Mile

Councilman Jermaine ReedOne full year since July 16, 2016, when the City Council approved funding for Phase 1 of a larger $27.6 million, three-phase plan to improve the 18th and Vine Historic District, and allocated $7 million for Phase 1 projects, Third District Council members Jermaine Reed and Quinton Lucas, together with the City Manager Troy Schulte presented at a news conference the newly published 18th and Vine Improvements Plan Update and Year-in-Review, a 20-page report that provides highlights on the vision, momentum, and improvements that are part of the 18th and Vine Improvements Plan.

Councilman Reed, who also is Chair of the 18th and Vine Development Policy Committee, shared with news conference attendees that 18th and Vine is not just about history and what happened here a long time ago. “It is about opportunity and evolution, and what we are doing right now to ensure a sustainable future. It is about where we are going and our collective vision for how we get there.”


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