Random Shootings In South Kansas City Have Motorists On Edge

By Eric L. Wesson Sr.
CALL Staff Writer

Kansas Citians who use 71 Highway and I-435 and the Three Trails Crossing, better known as the Grandview Triangle, should be observant as Police report as many as 20 incidents where vehicles have been hit by bullets as a result of random gunfire.
According to reports, Police stated on Monday, April 7, there had been 13 incidents between March 8, and April 6, of which cars had been fired at along those highways and about 10 of those had taken place on the Kansas City side. The others took place in Leawood, Blue Springs and Lee’s Summit.
However, by the end of the day that number had changed to 16 and has been increasing daily.
The most recent shooting was reported Sunday, April 6, when a 57-year-old Blue Springs man was driving east on Interstate 470 when he heard two large bangs and thought he had run over something. About that time he also felt what he thought was a charley horse in his left leg, but when he put his hand down he found blood, pulled over and called 911.
The man had been shot in the calf, and officers found three bullet holes in the driver’s side of his car.
One other driver was shot in the leg, while the third was shot in the arm, police said.
Police have requested the assistance of other federal law enforcement agencies to assist and investigate the shootings. The federal agencies have contributed $5,000 increasing the reward money to $7,000 which helps lead to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for the acts.
Police are also more noticeable along both sides of 71 and from all angles on I-435.
Many drivers who travel from south Kansas City using that route are taking alternate routes.


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