Plans Scraped For Truman Medical Center’s Grocery Store

By Eric L. Wesson Sr.
CALL Staff Writer

After about five years of planning Truman Medical center announced that it has scraped plans for a healthy grocery store which was slated to be built on 27th and Troost.
Former Truman Medical center C.E.O. John Bluford had realized that many of the patients that Truman was treating were being seen for health related reasons directly related to improper eating. His vision was to build a grocery store that would only sell healthy food items. No sodas or sugary drinks, cigarettes or alcoholic beverages. Nor would the store have sold foods high in preservatives.
The plan that Bluford had envisioned was an innovative concept that would have provided locally-grown produce, occasional farmers markets, cooking classes and even opportunities for in store physicians and dietitians such as HyVees to prescribe healthy menus for patients and shoppers.
However, Bluford retired and the idea has since met challenges such as raising donations toward the $11.5 million project and securing state tax credits.
Truman now hopes its ideas can be implemented to provide some of those same healthy-cooking and eating programs at the Sun Fresh grocery slated to open in about a year at the Linwood Shopping center.
“We want to see the store on Prospect be successful,” Truman President and CEO Charlie Shields said.


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